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Mizoram pig farmers protest by burning imported frozen pork

By The Assam Tribune
Mizoram pig farmers protest by burning imported frozen pork

Aizawl, May 21: The Mizoram Pig Farmers’ Association protested the import of frozen pork by burning it in front of the PIGFED meat house at Khatla, Aizawl.

The association blamed the import of this frozen meat for the spread of African Swine Fever in the state. They stated that, although the government had issued a ban on the import of live pigs, fresh pork, and all other pork products, including frozen pork, from other states and countries, the frozen meat continues to be imported. They also appealed to the government to take necessary actions to check the import of frozen meat.

They highlighted that importers of frozen pork, such as KT Business (Zemabawk), Pi Malsawmi (Dawrpui Vengthar), owner of Star Farm, Honesty Food, and Mam's Food, are harming the business of local pig farmers. The Association requested these importers to stop selling their frozen pork once their current stock is finished.

The Association also issued a warning to KLS Courier and VLD Logistic to stop their import services into Mizoram, adding that if they continue to import and any untoward events occur, the Association will not bear any responsibility.

Furthermore, the association appealed for public support, stating that their business has suffered immense losses due to the African Swine Fever that has devastated the state since April 16, 2021.

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