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‘Bigg Boss 17’: Khanzaadi says Aishwarya is seeking attention with ‘touch’ claims


Mumbai, Dec 9: In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt and Khanzaadi were again seen getting into a heated spat after the immunity task got over.

During the immunity task, Aishwarya had said that Samarth “touched” her. However, after the task got over, Khanzaadi took the fight a notch higher by saying that Aishwarya is saying all of this for “attention.” With all of this, it triggers Aishwarya’s past.

Housemate Rinku Dhawan was sitting next to Aishwarya, who lost her cool at Khanzaadi and said that no woman would make such claims to gain attention.

Aishwarya teared up and her husband Neil Bhatt tried to cool her down.

KhanZaadi is then heard saying: “Mauke pe chauka maara hai maine. Mereko bolti hai main attention seeker hun. I am doing this and that with Abhishek for attention.”

Samarth comes to Aishwarya and apologises and says that he didn’t do it purposely and was unintentional.

Aishwarya and Neil go back to the room. She is then heard saying: “Why will I do this for attention? I never told my parents about what I had faced. It took me time to tell them. The trauma stayed with me. I don’t like anyone touching me. I know Samarth didn’t do this on purpose.”

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